CCG’s greatest strength is our experienced workforce. Long-term experience in both our management team and our field craftsmen are key to consistency in quality. This allows CCG to stand behind the products and services we provide. CCG is proud of its long-standing reputation as a high quality construction company.

Our management team sets high standards, which is reflected in the knowledge and skill-set of our workforce. Our goal is to consistently meet our customers needs and exceed their expectations.

We believe that we have the best workforce available in our industry, and anywhere in the country.

Bottom line: Our People Make the Difference.

Communication Construction Group’s MDU Unit has the full capability of planning, designing, and constructing all phases of multiple dwelling complexes and buildings.

CCG is equipped to handle high-rise condominiums, garden style apartments, and apartment complexes, as well as custom work requested by our customers.

Our MDU Unit can carry out all phases of splicing from the OTN to every distribution point of any complex, including pole-line and underground cable placement. We require all interior and exterior work be constructed to the highest standards in order to meet and pass all codes and quality control established by the customers’ turn-key requirements

Communications Construction Group’s Design Department offers a full array of services:

  • As-Built Surveys
  • MDU Walkouts
  • Addressing & Electronics Verification
  • System Design
  • Lode Data/Auto CAD
  • Focus One/Microstation (software)
  • Data Acquisition

CCG can meet all of your broadband needs!

Communications Construction Group provides a full array of engineering services.

We pay special attention to the emerging technologies, which have become today’s critical services. As a result, we developed a diverse group of technical professionals capable of meeting the needs of our customers.

We use the latest technology: Sweep, Proof, Return Certification, Ingress Mitigation, Head-end/OTN work, and Technical Training. You name it – we can do it.

A well maintained plant means fewer outages, fewer service calls, and minimal customer impact. Our vast experience in system construction and engineering allows us to easily fulfill your system maintenance needs. We are prepared to provide you with the professionals you need in order to maintain your system. We will work hand-in-hand with your service technicians to handle the periodic maintenance items that sometimes never get completed. This allows you to focus your efforts on your customers while we focus on you, our customer.


  • Pole Change-Outs & Transfers
  • Span Replacement & Relashing
  • System Extensions
  • Road Widening & Plant Relocation
  • Storm Damage & Emergency Repairs
  • System Splicing & Activation
  • Complete System Make Ready
  • Coax Removal / System Wreck-Out


  • System Sweep Forward & Return
  • CLI Ride Out & Reporting
  • Ingress Mitigation / Return Plant Cert.
  • Service Calls / Plant Outages
  • Proof of Performance & FCC Cert.
  • Head-End / OTN Upgrade


  • Location Database Building or Verification Including:
  • Pole Number & Street Address
  • Confirm Make, Model, Serial #’s
  • Label Cabinet with System Number
  • Clean, Test , Date all Batteries
  • Replace Bad Equipment / Housings
  • Test, Repair or Replace Grounding
  • Upgrade, Test, and Install
  • Status Monitors
  • Certification to Manufacturer
  • Complete Battery Management


  • Fiber Construction
  • Fiber Splicing & Testing
  • Matrix Verification
  • End-To-End Test/Route Conf.
  • Emergency Restoration
  • PMD Testing
  • Head-End Document/Verify


  • Pre-Design Walkout
  • Design Verification
  • Post-Construction Verify
  • System Audits & Trap Replace
  • Fiber Route Engineering
  • Make-Ready Surveys
  • MDU Surveys
  • Report System Violations & Maintenance Problems
  • Contractor QC

Communications Construction Group’s fiber splicers have a combined 65 years of fiber splicing experience.

We utilize the latest fusion machines and test equipment, providing our customer with the lowest link loss possible. Constant product and industry updates, along with up-to-date training, keep our fiber splicers knowledgeable about the latest technology.

Experience, knowledge, and training keep CCG on the cutting-edge of the fiber optic world.