Communications Construction Group is a full service company - equipped, staffed, and experienced in all phases of Cable Television Construction, from initial consultation and preliminary planning through construction of distribution plant, installations, and final proof-of-performance testing.

We are prepared to meet your specific Construction/Management requirements on an individual basis, or through a fully coordinated and managed turnkey approach.
Fiber Testing
Fusion Splicing
Fiber Matrix Design
Headend Construction
OTN Construction
Emergency Restoration
Hot Cuts

System Sweep
System Proof of Performance
Aerial Fiber and Coaxial Construction
Underground Fiber and Coaxial Construction
Fiber and Coaxial Splicing
Fiber and RF Activation
System Electronic Upgrade
Full or Modified Turnkey Construction
Project Management

New Build, Postwire, Prewire, and Rebuild
Satellite Systems / Telephone
Field Survey and Design
Commercial and Custom Wiring
FOCUS(4.22 and 95)
AutoCAD / Lode Data
Strand Mapping
Make Ready Surveys
As-built Mapping
Fiber / System Design

General System Maintenance
Power Supply Maintenance
System Walkout
Engineering Maintenance
Fiber Maintenance
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