A Well Maintained Plant means fewer outages, fewer service calls, and minimal customer impact. Our vast experience in system construction and engineering allows us to easily fulfill your system maintenance needs. We are prepared to provide you with the professionals you need in order to maintain your system. We will work hand-in-hand with your service techs to handle the periodic maintenance items that sometimes never get completed. This allows you to focus your efforts on your customers, while we FOCUS ON YOU... our customer.

Pole Change-Outs & Transfers
Span Replacement & Relashing
System Extensions
Road Widening & Plant Relocation
Storm Damage & Emergency Repairs
System Splicing & Activation
Complete System Make Ready
Coax Removal / System Wreck-Out

System Sweep Forward & Return
CLI Ride Out & Reporting
Ingress Mitigation / Return Plant Cert.
Service Calls / Plant Outages
Proof of Performance & FCC Cert.
Head-End / OTN Upgrade
Location Database Building or Verification Including:
Pole Number & Street Address
Confirm Make, Model, Serial #'s
Label Cabinet with System Number
Clean, Test , Date all Batteries
Replace Bad Equipment / Housings
Test, Repair or Replace Grounding
Upgrade, Test, and Install
Status Monitors
Certification to Manufacturer
& System Specs.
Complete Battery Management
Fiber Construction
Fiber Splicing & Testing
Matrix Verification
End-To-End Test/Route Conf.
Emergency Restoration
PMD Testing
Head-End Document. / Verify

Pre-Design Walkout
Design Verification
Post-Construction Verify
System Audits & Trap Replace
Fiber Route Engineering
Make-Ready Surveys
MDU Surveys
Report System Violations
& Maintenance Problems
Contractor QC
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